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Tommy Martin Eagle Canyon – Value Added Products

Here at Tommy Martin Eagle Canyon we offer a variety of additional products that offer peace-of-mind motoring. The products range from well-known scratch and dent repair solutions to mechanical warranty products.


The Tommy Martin Eagle Canyon Top-Up is like gap-cover for cars. In the event that your car is written off or stolen, this policy will ensure that your existing debt on your car is covered.

Example: Jane has a Chevrolet Spark and is in an accident. She still owes R60 000 on the vehicle but only gets paid out R55 000. Top-up covers the additional R5000.

Return to Invoice

Tommy Martin Eagle Canyon's Return to Invoice (RTI) helps you recover the depreciated value of your car in the event that it is written off or stolen.

Example: Emma drives a Chevrolet Aveo that she bought for R125 500. Her car gets stolen and the insurance only pay out R87 000. RTI pays her out the remaining R38 500 so she can replace her car without being out of pocket.

Mechanical Warranty

We love cars but occasionally they don’t love us back. In fact sometimes they fail us horribly and critical parts can be very expensive to replace. The Tommy Martin Eagle Canyon Mechanical Warranty gives you peace-of-mind knowing that in the case of mechanical or electrical failure the cost of repairs is covered.

Tyre (Rim) Warranty

Flat tyres, stolen tyres, slashed tyres. Such a key component of your vehicle can be easily damaged by bad roads or bad people. The Tommy Martin Eagle Canyon Tyre (Rim) Warranty will protect you in case of accidental or malicious damage.

Protection Plan

The Tommy Martin Eagle Canyon Protection Plan gives you assurances in case of unforeseen circumstances that mean you can’t meet your car payments. These could include death, retrenchment, disability and so on.

Dent Repair Solution

The Tommy Martin Eagle Canyon's custom scratch and dent protection. In the case of minor dents, scratches and windscreen chips and cracks, this policy will help you get them repaired quickly.

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